Cost of Dental Bridges | Westwood CA

Cost of Dental Bridges | Westwood CA

Missing teeth can affect the normal function of your mouth. It can impede proper pronunciation of words, make it uncomfortable to chew food, and even detract from your smile, making you uncomfortable in social situations. Over time, adjacent teeth can begin to shift towards the space due to chewing pressure, resulting in a bad bite and more expensive dental issues. Fortunately, dental bridges provide you with one of the most affordable, permanent tooth replacement options that can help to address all of these issues, making your mouth feel whole and normal. 

How much will a dental bridge cost you?

There are different types of dental bridges, though the average cost of treatment ranges depending on a variety of factors including:

For a more accurate estimate of how much you’ll be required to pay for dental bridgework, you should consult your dentist in Westwood and dental insurance provider to find out the extent of your cover. 

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