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Having a white, bright smile can make you feel more self-confident in both professional and social situations. The dentists at Westwood Dental Arts Center use the most advanced, safest teeth whitening techniques to help Westwood, Los Angeles, CA, patients get the beautiful, healthy-looking smiles they want.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Are drugstore teeth whitening products as effective as whitening at the dentist?

No, over-the-counter products don't contain the same chemicals as in-office treatments so the effects are not nearly as uniform or as effective. Plus, most over-the-counter treatments require multiple treatments which can increase tooth sensitivity resulting in uncomfortable symptoms that can persist well after treatment has ended. In-office treatments also provide longer-lasting results for a more beautiful, more confident smile.

Can whitening harm my teeth?

The dentists at Westwood Dental Arts Center use the most advanced and safest teeth whitening products and procedures so you can feel confident in your treatment. If you have extremely sensitive teeth, you may have some sensitivity after your treatment, but it will quickly resolve. Your dentist will discuss any concerns you may have about sensitivity or the whitening procedure during your appointment.

I have crowns and bridges. Can I still have my teeth whitened?

Yes, teeth whitening is safe for dental appliances and restorations like bridges and crowns. However, it's important to note that some types of restoration materials may not respond to whitening in the same way as your natural tooth material, and some adhesives used to bond crowns or veneers can also become softer during whitening treatment. Also, when teeth are whitened, any dark fillings you have will appear darker by comparison. The dentists at Westwood Dental Arts Center will be able to tell you how well your restorations will respond to teeth whitening during your consultation.

Are there alternatives to teeth whitening?

Yes, dental veneers are an option that some people prefer to whitening. Dental veneers cover the surfaces of your natural teeth, and they can be tinted so they look white and bright. Veneers are a good choice if your teeth are too deeply stained to respond to whitening procedures.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Westwood Dental Arts Center accepts most types of health insurance. Below is a short list of in-network insurance plans. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed below.

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