Best Value for Dental Implants in Westwood CA

dental implants

Dental implants tend to cost a lot more than alternative tooth replacement treatments such as dentures and dental bridgework. This cost can partly be attributed to the requirement of a skilled oral surgeon to perform the procedure, as opposed to a general dentist. As a surgical procedure, it also requires careful planning to eliminate any risks and ensure successful treatment. Moreover, dental implants often require additional procedures such as tooth extraction, bone grafting, sinus augmentation, crown placement, and so on depending on the position of the implant, individual treatment plan, and the patient’s general health. All of these factors add to the final cost of dental implants placement.

Generally, there is a variety in the price range for a single dental implant. This amount is distributed across service costs, cost of all components involved in the procedure, and the cost of the replacement crown. 

A costly dental implant procedure may involve the following steps:

How Much Will the Insurance Pay?

In the cost breakdown above, dental insurance providers only accept to pay for the replacement crown. This is because dental implants are considered an elective procedure by most dental insurance providers, even though it has become a standard of care for tooth replacement. 

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