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Molar Implants

Molars are crucial for chewing the food to enable easily swallowing and digesting. A molar implant can serve as an ideal replacement for a missing molar. For your molar implant teeth procedure, our dental practice is the ideal place to turn to. We offer quality and compassionate dental procedures and services.

What Is Molar Implant Teeth

A molar implant tooth is a type of dental implant usually used to replace a missing molar. Here are some benefits of molar implant teeth:

Procedure For Molar Implant Teeth

Our dentist starts by conducting a thorough examination to find out if the molar implant will be efficient. This involves imaging the desired area to look at the shape of teeth for the implant carefully, the thickness of the jawbone for the screw, and the hazards of the surrounding teeth. If our dentist has to carry out extractions before an implant can start, there might be a recovery time between the screw implantation and the initial exam.  

Our oral surgeon implants the screw, and the bone grows and blends with it. This process usually occurs between four and six months. If the patient requires a bone graft, it will take even more time. Patients with bone density issues are suitable for bone grafts because of disease, age, or certain genetic factors. 

What’s more, our specialized dentists usually tap into a variety of bone grafting techniques when necessary. Patients with exterior grafts from other humans, animals, low overall bone density, and even synthetics are all feasible. For most of our patients, a bone from the tibia or hip is used to ensure conformability. After the screw has been integrated, our dentist attaches a molar implant to complete the procedure. 

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