Multiple Teeth Implants in Los Angeles CA

Dental implant

At our dental practice, we use implant-supported dentures and bridges to replace several missing teeth. Our experienced dentists also use dental implants to replace both your lost natural teeth and some of the roots. We have the ideal dental procedure to restore your teeth and your lovely smile.

What Are Multiple Teeth Implants

Multiple tooth implants are produced from titanium that goes into your jaw. These implants are used to replace your tooth roots. They are a reliable solution for replacing your missing teeth.  Here are some benefits of multiple teeth implants:

Procedure for Multiple Teeth Implants.

Implants, which have a resemblance to cylinders or screws are put into your jaw. The implants and bone are allowed to bond together for two to six months to develop anchors. During this period, an interim teeth replacement option can be over the implant sites. 

The second step of this technique involves us uncovering the implants and attaching extensions. These temporary healing caps complete the foundation on which we will put your new teeth. Your gums are then allowed to heal for a few weeks. 

However, some implant systems do not need this second procedure. These kinds of systems make use of an implant that has the extension piece connected. Our specialist will guide and advise you on which system is suitable for you. Lastly, your bridges or teeth will be for you by our specialist and are connected to little metal posts, called abutments.

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The dental experts at our practice can help you decide the number of implants you need and possibly replace them at once. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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